Our studio sets use correct period equipment as far as possible and we have a huge range of clothing and other props to embelish your guests own costumes.

Guests are encouraged to pose in character so that the photograph will reflect their personality, the theme and the effort that has gone into organising the event.

Once taken, photographs are normally printed and available for collection within a minute or so to minimise delay disappointment.

Complete sets of photographs can be provided afterwards for promotion and marketing purposes.

James Bond - 007 - licenced to kill

Every man wants to be him

Every woman wants to be with him!

Pose with our extensive range of props - Q is always coming up with something new, or we can arrange to bring along James himself, Jaws, Oddjob or our Bond girls to add to the effect - always assuming they're not off somewhere saving the world or hatching another dastardly plan.

This is one our most popular themes with frequent requests for extra copies of photographs. Guaranteed to be a big hit!

Contact us by email at or by phone on 01753 653384

We're based in the Thames Valley so handy for London and the south east.

Themed events are great fun aren't they

A chance to dress up and live the lifestyle - even if it's only for a few hours!

The trouble is, the next day no-on will remember just how good you were.

Now we're here to help the memories linger a little longer


We can supply a complete photographic package - including a studio set - using equipment and props carefully chosen to complement your choice of theme. Take a look at some of these examples or choose a theme on the left hand column for further examples.

Behind the scenes though it's 21st century technology all the way with on the spot printing ensuring that guests can take photographs away with them in under a minute.